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To protect our neighborhoods, property values, and those who truly need help—we must take action. We must first understand that many panhandlers are not homeless, and addressing this issue takes a multi-pronged approach. Giving money to panhandlers, most of whom are NOT homeless, only exacerbates the problem. I’ve started working with local non-profits who serve the homeless community toward a solution to help those truly in need while discouraging the panhandlers who prey on our neighborly charity.


Strong & Vibrant Neighborhoods


Building strong neighborhoods is critical for our future. While serving on the City Plan Commission for 6+ years, I made sure our neighborhoods had a strong voice when it came to zoning issues. This is one reason we never had a contentious zoning battle—because our neighborhood’s concerns were heard and addressed.

I secured improvements from developers that added amenities to the neighborhoods while strengthening the economic base of our district. This included enhanced landscaping at Costco, neighborhood patrols in the Churchill area, and parks in Preston Hollow Village.

The key to strong neighborhoods is to have good communication. I regularly speak with every neighborhood and HOA leader to hear about your issues.  As your councilmember, I have significantly invested my time to enhance communication with residents via social media, text messages, and regular e-newsletters. The recent winter storm only highlights how imperative it is we are able to communicate quickly and with clarity to residents.


My goal is to empower everyone to have a voice on the issues that impact your quality of life.


Lower Crime


I will work closely with our first responders to ensure they have the tools and training they need to keep families safe and lower crime rates. I will foster cooperation between Dallas Police, DISD, RISD, and our neighborhood associations to build trust and transparent communication to fight crime. And we can do better on the little things. For instance, it’s proven that proper street lighting deters property crime. It’s a simple, yet effective tool we can deploy now.  


Grow the Tax Base, Not Taxes


To ensure we can offer great city services while lessening the tax burden on homeowners, we must grow the commercial tax base. This is one reason I have dedicated so much time toward the Preston Hollow Village project that brought desirable amenities like Trader Joe’s. As your councilmember, I will continue to work to make sure the Galleria/Valley View development will be something we will all be proud of.


Streets and Alleys


Many neighborhoods have streets and alleys in need of repair. I have reached out to city staff to find out the master repair schedule for both streets and alleys. Much of the problem with alleys is the sanitation trucks used by the city. I am working on ideas with staff and neighborhood residents to pilot some alternative measures for sanitation that would enable the city to repair alleys much more efficiently.

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